Standard 4hr Disco


4hr Party Show

4hrs of the old Gits playing tunes you can remember and relate too.

Price - £300

Re-seller discount available to venue bookers.


You get the Old Git's in full glory for 4 hrs (typically 8 till 12) playing tunes old and new, catering for all tastes but particually focused on the classics.

We have over 90 years experience in the industry and can cater for most adult tastes, however we are not club DJ's (any longer) and dont have the reptiour of modern club music to draw on.

We encourage your and your guests requests (subject to vetting by an Old Git), however if you are so unsure about hireing us that you feel you need to provide a 2 page play list, it probable you should be hiring somone further away for drawing their pension.

Our aim is to play somthing for everyone whilst concentrating on the classics and cheese we all remember and love.